Bob Wilber At Birdland

Just a real quick note to my New York/New Jersey friends to spread the word that the legendary Bob Wilber will be performing with David Ostwald's Louis Armstrong Centennial Band at Birdland tonight at 5:30. The $10 cover charge is the best deal in the city and you can't go wrong with the music. And don't forget to say hello to your friendly blogger, who should most definitely be in the house. And for those who enjoy Turner Classic Movies on cable, tomorrow night they're having Bing Crosby night, which, for our intents and purposes, is of interest for the back-to-back whammy of "Pennies From Heaven" at 10:15 and "High Society" at 11:45. That's all for now as I'll be back Friday morning with yet another anniversary post (hopefully the over two-hours of music I posted last week has kept you sustained!). Til then...


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