Catching Up

Hello all! I didn't mean there to be ten days of silence after I posted my "Today's the Day" celebration but things have been a good way. I have now done 10 radio interviews in less than two weeks, I've been interviewed by the BBC and in the next week, I'll be talking with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Bob Edwards on XM radio and who knows who else, all of which leads to my little book tour from July 12-15, hitting Washington D. C., Baltimore and Atlanta that week. Wee!

Since publication, life has been a whirlwind, but a very happy one. Reviews continue to be excellent. Here's one in the
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The great jazz blogger Doug Ramsey featured it on his "Recommendations" list on his excellent Rifftides blog. And one of the greatest things to ever happen to me occurred last Sunday, when the New York Times gave me a full-blown profile in their "Metropolitan" section, complete with picture and tales of my painting days.

Last Sunday, was the official launch party at the Louis Armstrong House Museum, a beautiful day spent in Pops's garden with friends, family and Pops All Stars such as Michael Cogswell, Michael Steinman, John Wriggle, Catherine Russell (Luis Russell's extremely talented daughter), Lisa Herbert (Mort Herbert's extremely talented daughter) and Lewis Porter (speaking of Lewis, he has an excellent new blog himself, "You Don't Know Jazz," in which he's been debunking jazz myths left and right. His latest is on Louis....check it out by clicking here). There was something about being in Louis's garden, with his music wailing on the P.A. system, that just gave me the chills.

Many of my loyal readers have been nice enough to e-mail me beautiful comments about the book, which touches me deeply. This thing has been in the works for so long that it's just nice to know people are digging it. And if you out there are indeed enjoying it, don't feel bashful--leave a review on the book's Amazonpage! Every little bit helps, my friends, though I am thrilled to report that the book has been the number one bestselling jazz book on Amazon since June 10 (with the Kindle edition spending most days right behind). I know that's like saying you have the best-selling vegetable at an amusement park, but I'll take it!

So thanks to all of you for your support over the years and especially now. Let me regroup for a few days and then I want to start posting some book-centric blog posts, with links to all the rare audio I discuss in the book so you can read and listen along in total enjoyment. Also, I'll have details about what promises to be the greatest Louis Armstrong boxed set ever produced! But until then, have a happy July 4 weekend and don't forget to listen to nothing but Pops! Thanks a Million! (Decca 666)


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