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Six Minutes With Satch: Will You, Won't You Be My Baby / Song of the Vipers

We've come to the finale--for now--of "Six Minutes With Satch." I've had a ball and it's been gratifying getting so much positive feedback on social media about these daily posts. But as many of you might now know (especially if you read the Washington Post this week), I'm currently devoting much of my time to curating content for the brand new That's My Home virtual exhibit page for the Louis Armstrong House Museum. For the first time online, I'll be picking from the best photos, tapes, documents, videos at the Armstrong Archives to tell deeper stories of Louis and his offstage hobbies. I will continue updating this blog regularly, especially with news on my upcoming book (still hopefully due out in the vicinity of August).

But we still have one last French Brunswick single to cover, which is actually a perfect stopping place. Armstrong's 1934 Paris session was his only studio session between the last RCA date of April 26, 1933 and the beginning …

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