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In Loving Memory of Jack Bradley

The ranks are thinning, my friends. And the world just got a whole lot less fun. Jack Bradley has left us, passing away on March 21 at the age of 87.  I've had less than a day to process the news but mentally, I'm already planning a series of tributes on the Louis Armstrong House Museum's "That's My Home" virtual exhibit site, as well as on social media. I know Jack's close friend Mick Carlon is putting together an obituary, though do check out Mick's earlier  JazzTimes   profile  for a great glimpse at the Jack we knew.  Others knew him far better than I. I didn't know Jack in New York or in his Jazz Museum days. I didn't know "Captain Jack," who ran a charter boat service for decades on Cape Cod. One person who knew Jack like a son is Loren Schoenberg, who first came upon Jack's spell nearly 50 years ago and wrote upon hearing the sad news, "I owe him everything, as do so many others, and find myself still walking through d

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