Today's the Day!

Well, it's finally here. Four years ago I started this blog, promising to write a book one day about Louis Armstrong's later years and as of this morning, that day has arrived. It's been a helluva ride, as my longtime readers will attest, but I've had a ball. And frankly, I think the real ride is only just beginning!

Anyway, I'll have much more about the book in upcoming weeks but I did just want to say that it's in bookstores everywhere today and Amazon has already started shipping their copies, so stand back! And if you're still on the fence, don't mind me as I call attention to some recent reviews that needless to say have made me very, very proud. Here's Tom Nolan in the
Wall Street Journal. And here's Ted Gioia in the
San Francisco Chronicle. I've been a longtime admirer of both Nolan and Gioia and to read their words about my work, well, I don't know how to properly sum up my happiness. And if you want to read a short excerpt, head over to JazzWax, where Marc Myers has a bit about it today.

All in all, this is one of the most exciting times of my life and I thank all of you who have shown interest in my work over the years. Now go out there and grab a book...happy reading!


Anonymous said…
Hi Ricky --

Congrats! Great, it came out! What a wonderful ... news.

All best,

Louis said…
Congratulations, Ricky !
This is really your year.
I'm looking forward to reading your book.
All the best,
Laughin' Louie said…
Well, this book surely is NO stage joke. Keep floating, my man!
Rivermouth said…
Just got my copy, am a chapter in, and all I can say as one true Louis fan out of millions is THANK YOU, Ricky!! A real Gassuh!!

Can't wait for the Slim Gaillard book!

Change 'em, Peewops!
Anonymous said…
Hi Ricky,
... and today Amazon also delivered the book in Germany, and I got my copy.
So I don't write anything more at the moment, but go reading... !

Congratulations and best regards from Berlin / Germany,

Anonymous said…
Wunderbar! Congratulations from me also. The book arrived yesterday in the evening. The amazon folks in Germany says: Only 9 pieces in stock. Seems to be sold out soon.

It's very nice that you mention me in the acknowledgments :-))

All the best
Uwe (
Jack007 said…
Just ordered mine on Amazon and it didn't cost me a dime. Never knew I could use those AMEX Rewards points!
What a bonus, huh?

Look forward to reading it!
Keep up the great work on the blog, too!

Jack in Kansas City
Alex Zinc said…
Congrats! There can never be enough said or written about such a wonderful man.

Just a note that the Zinc jazz club in Greenwich Village NYC is hosting a birthday tribute show for Louis Armstrong on July 27th. The amazing trumpeter and gifted vocalist Joey Morant will be playing with a quartet.

If you'd like to have some copies of the book available at the club please let me know.

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