More News and Reviews!

As the publication of my book gets closer by the second, the first wave of publicity has been trickling in. My longtime readers probably know everything there is to know about me but I've been getting more hits than ever before in recent weeks, I'd like to say hello to any new readers out there and thank them for stopping by. If you stumbled onto here because of my book, there'll be plenty more about it in future weeks....starting now.

First up, I did an interview with "Jazz Times" editor-in-chief Lee Mergner that is now up and running on their website. For more about me, my background and the book, check it out by clicking here.

And the great Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Jonathan Yardley published his review of the book yesterday in the "Washington Post." Here's the link.

And here's Dr. Glenn C. Altschuler's review in the "Florida Courier." Obviously, I disagree with Dr. Altschuler when he argues that Louis wasn't much of a civil rights pioneer, but the rest of the review is very complimentary. Check it out by clicking here.

Finally, if you're in the NY/Nj area, my official book party will be June 26 at the Louis Armstrong House Museum. If you're in the area, we'd love you to come but reservations are needed. For more information, here's the link

That's the latest for now but there'll be plenty more in the upcoming weeks, including a profile in this Sunday's "New York Times." And I've started an Amazon Author page with the latest on my book tour and such. Check it out here. (And don't forget, I'm on Facebook and Twitter for more up-to-the-minute stuff!)

I'll close today with a photo from home. I've spent a lot of time about my darling new baby daughter, Melody, but I don't want to forget my two-year-old, Ella. Here she is checking out a copy of the book:

A wonderful world indeed. I'll be back in a few days with more exciting news, including information about the Louis Armstrong boxed set to end all boxed sets. Til then!


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