San Francisco Chronicle Review of "Pops"

My review of Terry Teachout's new Armstrong biography, Pops, is now up on the Chronicle's web site. It's going to run in the actual newspaper on Sunday but you can enjoy it now by clicking here.

I'll be back in a couple of days with some further thoughts on Pops, a book that is positively exploding right now, creating quite a buzz around Louis, which I can never complain about (though reading some of these reviews have illustrated just how lost some people have been regarding him for all these years). So enjoy the review, enjoy Pops, if this is your first time to this blog, enjoy the madness and above all, enjoy Louis Armstrong. (And if Teachout's work awakens your curiosity in Armstrong, don't forget that my book on Armstrong later years is six months from being published...start saving those nickels!). Have a great weekend!


rekroywen said…
While I've only read bits and pieces of your blog, I can't wait to read your bio after Teachout's. Your blow-by-blow account of Bechet's battles with Armstrong are great!

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