Louis Armstrong - Play For Someone You Love

One of my most loyal readers, Uwe Zänisch, sent me a heads-up e-mail about a video that appeared on YouTube yesterday. It's an interview with Rich Matteson, who played bass and euphonium with the Dukes of Dixieland. Matteson was with the group when they made their classic album with Pops in 1960. The YouTube video isn't exactly "video" as the interview is about eight minutes of solid audio with photos of Armstrong playing throughout. Matteson's story is quite beautiful, I think. Enjoy:

And for completeness, here's the audio for the two tracks he talks about, two songs that deserve full blogs of their own in the future. Here's "Avalon":

And "Just a Closer Walk With Thee":

Have a great weekend!


lp said…
hi Ricky,
how about posting 'bye and bye' with the dukes.
Ricky Riccardi said…
Consider it done...the next time I have time, I'll do a whole blog on Armstrong's four recordings of "Bye and Bye." Stay tuned!

Lemonlymelon said…
Man am I lucky. I discovered this gem of a post by chance. What a wonderful interview that was! You can hear the love and respect he had for Louis in his voice. Absolutely wonderful!

I always love hearing about the story behind Just a closer walk (definitely one of my favourite Louis Armstrong songs) and about Louis explaining how he always plays for Him. And the way Rich explains it is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Gives me the chills...

I think Louis will never cease to amaze me. Endless source of inspiration!

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