Call off the search party...

"Fear not!" dear reader Phil Ralph wrote me last night, "A search party has been formed to find you! It has just now set off looking for you, 22:40pm GMT (British time), because we (your fans) assume that, although you will have written the latest addition to your splendid blog, you are trapped somewhere in the deepest snows of New England and cannot post it online for our edification and erudition."

Phil's e-mail gave me a good chuckle but I thought I should take a second to say hello and confirm that I'm not dead. No, I'm very much alive...almost too alive. You see, on Saturday, December 3 a large box was waiting for me outside my front door when my wife and I (and baby Ella) returned from food shopping. Inside the box was my manuscript, chock full of red copyediting marks. I was told I had two weeks to turn it back around, make my final, final, final changes and say good-bye to it forever (or at least until it hits stores next June!). So that has kept me in the trenches during every single second of free time.

Meanwhile, at work, I've been pushing myself harder than ever to get something major accomplished. What, you say? Well, give me about 24-48 hours and I'll lay it on you. Let's just say that Armstrong fans around the world will rejoice at my next announcement.

Next week, I'll be book-less and won't know where to turn. I'll find time to post my traditional Christmas-related posts but if you're really looking for something fresh about our hero, I turn your attention to my dear friend Michael Steinman who absolutely outdid himself with his recent "Jazz Lives" post, "What Would Louis Do?" I won't say any more about it. Just click here and bask in the glow of everything dear Louis can teach us. Bravo, Michael!

Okay, I'm going back to straightening some punctuation on my manuscript. Call off the search party, I'm doing just fine! Til next time...


BrianW said…
Looking forward to your announcement! I love Louis Armstrong! I recently reviewed one of his songs for my blog, you should check it out:

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