WHAT!? Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles and Duke Ellington Together, 1970

Two posts in one day! This will be a short one, but still one full of disbelief. My friend from Germany Uwe Zanisch just wrote me to tell me about this video that popped up on YouTube. Brace yourself: Louis Armstrong doing "Hello, Dolly"....backed by Duke Ellington's orchestra with Duke conducting....and Ray Charles playing piano! (Plus Wild Bill Davis on organ...thanks Joao for correcting me!) It's from Madison Square Garden but it's not from 1969 as I originally reported. My thanks to Håkan Forsberg and Bernt Thunè who both wrote me this morning to tell me it's actually from February 23, 1970. The concert was titled "Soul On Soul" and was a tribute to Ellington and an NAACP benefit. Louis apparently made a presentation to Duke before they joined forces on "Dolly" (and Charles had just sung Ellington's "Satin Doll"...video please!).

I have the best readers in the world, huh? Thanks for straightening everything out. Now all that's left is to just enjoy the video again...and thank Uwe!
[For those who saw this posting on Monday, the video had been taken down. But fortunately, it was uploaded again today...and it's 30 seconds longer, now with Louis telling the punchline to his famous "hamburger" joke. Also, if Armstrong, Ellington and Ray Charles weren't enough, you can now glimpse B.B. King. Thanks to Lounisproduction on behalf of music lovers everywhere!)


Unknown said…
OMG! That was just great, and the surprises from Pops never cease to amaze me. Thanks so much for sharing and let's hope for more jewels from the great Louis Armstrong's career to surface soon.

Joao said…
Thanks for the posting! By the way, Ray Charles is playing piano and Wild Bill Davis is playing organ.
Anonymous said…
Nice catch, Ricky.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the use of my recommendation.I was moved & surprised to see the following at 1:30

Satchmo stands very instable and holding self with the microfon cable. Duke Ellington go to Louis who is waiting for compliments. The Duke conducts his orchestra for the next song before he hugs Pops. Ray Charles waiting at the piano what follows. Then Louis gives a wink to Ray! Has he forgotten that Ray was blind?

Uwe (Germany)
hello sorry I deleted the video on youtube to upload a 30sec longer version here,

I will also upload a full louis armstrong live in france in 1967 soon.
I will also post a 7min video of Louis A. live paris 65
Anonymous said…
The french footage is online!


Uwe (Germany)
Tuco said…
Hello, is there still a way I can watch this video?
Ricky Riccardi said…
Good catch, Vito! The video had been deleted again but now it is back so I put it back in the blog this morning (until it's removed again!). Enjoy!

Bob Stumpel said…
Here is some more background information on the whole event: http://bit.ly/hRyW7N

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