I Love You, Samantha

High Society
Recorded January 6, 1956
Track Time 3:09
Written by Cole Porter
Recorded in Los Angeles
Louis Armstrong, trumpet; Big Crosby, vocal; The MGM Studio Orchestra, johnny Green, conductor
Originally released on Capitol 3509
Currently available on CD: It's on the Rhino compilation of Armstrong's film work, Now You Has Jazz
Available on Itunes? Yes

Sometimes even I have to shut up and let beauty speak for itself. So, as promised, here's Bing Crosby singing "I Love You, Samantha" from High Society, which will be on Turner Classic Movies tonight at 10:30 (EST). Thanks to YouTube, here's the video of the scene:

And for those who would just like to listen to it in beautiful sound quality, the audio:

Enjoy it and have a great weekend!


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