The Five Pennies Saints: Live on Television!

Hello all. Taking a break from working on my upcoming New Orleans, Satchmo Summerfest seminars, I found myself typing Pops's name into YouTube...something I literally might do four times a day. The clip of "The Five Pennies Saints" featuring Danny Kaye and Louis Armstrong has always been a popular one, with over 330,000 hits as of today (and that's only one upload; multiple people have uploaded the same clip with views ranging from 100 to 27,000 to 34,000). I've blogged about it, Doug Ramsey included it in his Rifftides blog, it's everywhere! So I was happy to see that someone just posted Armstrong and Kaye's remake of the tune, done on the CBS television show "An Hour With Danny Kaye" sometime in the fall of 1960. It's live and in living color and it's definitely as much fun, if not more, than the film's version. Enjoy!


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