Louis Armstrong, Danny Kaye and Caterina Valente

It's over! My stretch of nonstop activities in the month of April came to a conclusion last night. Last week, I had five gigs in five consecutive days, followed by five three-hour rehearsals for a charity show that I was the "music director" for (I put it in quotes, because I was the only accompanying musician). Last Tuesday, I had rehearsal AND a six-hour gig and last night the actual show took place and it was simply wonderful. Somehow in between all of it, I kept my day job going, maintained my marraige and pumped out two blogs but for the time being, my schedule is a little light for the next two weeks so I'll try to blog whenever I can.

Thus, to prepare, I gave the ol' Itunes a shuffle and came up with 1970's "The Creator Has A Master Plan," but upon waking up this morning, I was hit with a tremendous cold that knocked me out and had me blowing my nose in bed all day today. I just rolled out and wanting to publish SOMETHING, I combed through YouTube and found this charming performance from Pops, Danny Kaye and the Italian singer Caterinia Valente from Kaye's CBS variety show, broadcast 1966. It's a medley of songs associated with Armstrong, some with cute, Armstrong-inspired lyrics and Pops even pulls out the trumpet for a brief spot on "Basin Street Blues," one of the last time he would play his horn on that signiature number. Enjoy it for now and I'll be back real soon with a meaty entry on "The Creator Has A Master Plan" (ah, Pops...makes me feel better than chicken soup!).


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