Red Hot Jazz Archive - Audio Added To Old Entries!

Hello all. As many of you probably know, the Red Hot Jazz Archive website ( is one of the great online sources for pre-bop jazz. I like to explore it whenever I get a chance but I never look up Louis Armstrong because, well, to be honest, with my Itunes library a click away, there's really no need. But in preparing for my "Jazzin' Babies' Blues" entry (hopefully to be posted tomorrow), I clicked on Armstrong and couldn't believe how many of the Decca big band sessions have been added. Thus, recheck some of my old entries because you can know read along and listen along with songs like "Don't Forget to Mess Around," "Down In Honky Tonk Town" (both takes!), "Cuban Pete" and maybe a few more (some are inexblicably not available on the site, such as "Yours and Mine"). Anyway, I hope this makes you enjoy the experience of this blog a little more. And if anyone knows how to insert QuickTime MP3 links into a blog entry, let me know (leave a comment or write to I don't want to break any copyright rules, but I'd love to include links to the songs I write about so you can actually hear some of the stuff I describe if you don't already own it. But for now, enjoy the offerings from the Red Hot Jazz Archive and stay tuned for tomorrow's entry, which will somehow combine forces such as King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Ethel Waters, Alberta Hunter, Eva Taylor, Richard M. Jones, Wingy Manone and who knows who else. But as Pops himself would say....S'all


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