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Hello! My name is Ricky Riccardi and you can learn more about me in the (you guessed it) "About Me" section of this blog. I just wanted to take a second and discuss what this blog is all about. There are tons of Armstrong videos on YouTube and in my Itunes, I have 2,408 Armstrong songs arranged in chronological order. I plan on hitting "shuffle" on my Itunes and whatever Armstrong track comes up first, I will discuss it. I'll provide the musicians, the writers, the soloists, I'll give some analysis of the recording and I'll even tell you where you can buy it or listen to it. On some days, I'll post a YouTube video and do the same. You're more than welcome to comment and offer your own opinions or disagreements to whatever I write. There's really no order to anything, just a (hopefully) daily celebration of Armstrong's music! Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
Hello Ricky. A fine "blogspot", found today that I will enjoy in the future. Suggestion: put that wonderful late Armstrong flower Blue Yodel No 9 from the Johnny Cash show on your website for all to enjoy. - and, if you have them the other tracks from that show?
Thanks, Best wishes and Good luck!
HÃ¥kan Forsberg
Anonymous said…
Hey Ricky,

Thanks for your great site!
WKCR recently celebrated Laurence Lucie's 100th birthday, and as part of doing so, played a bunch of incredible early-40's broadcast performances which I have since been trying to track down. I bought Ambassador Volume 8, which has 5 - of which Exactly Like You is a total revelation. You should write about it! But they played many more - any ideas where they are obtainable?

All the best,

anthony coleman
miro-gal said…
SO glad I found this! Am working on a children's picturebook on the great Satchmo - need a publisher, but it will all happen. Labors of love have a way of bearing fruit.
Will check back for inspiration and great music!

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