Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If You Go To New Orleans....

...make sure you see the Satchmo Summerfest! (Apologies to Professor Longhair.) Yes, dear readers, it's that time of the year where I suspend regular blogging and head down to the land of the red bean for the four-day celebration of Louis's birth, the Satchmo Summerfest, now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Watch this spot in the next few days for pictures, videos and breathless descriptions from a scene that can only be described as paradise for Pops lovers.

Before I leave, a word on my last post about Hip-O Select's new Armstrong set. The great Andy McKaie of Hip-O wrote to me personally to address some of the concerns in my review. As I wrote, I wasn't sure if Universal owned Brunswick but if they did, I wish Hip-O included Louis's Brunswick recordings. Well, Andy set me straight--Universal doesn't own Brunswick, it's independent--so that took care of that. And though I lamented the lack of the 1969 version of "Pretty Little Missy," McKaie assured me that Hip-O tried to get permission but neither EMI (who own United Artists) or MGM (who owned "We Have All the Time in the World") would claim it so it looks like that's going to languish in the vaults to the end of time. What a shame. Oh this space, and perhaps I'll share that gem right here in the near future. But thanks to Andy for his informative reply and I apologize for being a little hard on them. I didn't refer to them as "the good people at Hip-O Select" for nothing!

Okay, off to New Orleans for me...and Happy 109th Birthday, Pops!

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