Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Louis Armstrong...On HBO?

The great Terry Teachout sent me this link literally two minutes ago and I wanted to share it immediately:

Charles S. Dutton is Developing a 6 Hour Louis Armstrong Mini Series at HBO with Quincy Jones

Crazy, huh? I'm glad to hear it'll be six hours because as Dutton says, a two-hour movie would be superfluous unless it only focused one period of his life. And HBO will be a perfect fit, seeing how great their miniseries's have always been (John Adams just cleaned up at the Emmys). So between Terry's Armstrong book in 2009, mine in 2010 and this one probably airing in 2011, the future looks great for Pops (though I sure hope Dutton's screenwriter Jon Sayles wait's for Terry's book or even reads this blog because I don't want to see nothing based on flawed works like Collier or Bergreen!).

S'all for now.

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